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The Basics

Top Troubleshooting Tips

Many of the common issues can be resolved by following these steps:

  • Completely close your browser and reopen threadit again.

  • If you’re using the web app, first try to log out of Threadit and then log in again. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your device and browser.
    If you’re using the chrome extension, try to un-install and then re-install.
  • To do this, just right click on the extension icon and then select “remove from chrome”. Then visit the chrome store to re-install.

If the issue still persists after the above steps, please read through below for detailed solutions. 

General FAQs

What happens to my data if I use Threadit?

Threadit allows you to submit, store, send and receive content. As described in the Threadit and Google Terms of Service, your content remains yours. We do not claim ownership in any of your content, including any videos, text, data, information, and files that you share, or store in your Threadit account. Threadit’s use of user data is defined in detail in the Threadit Privacy Policy.

Where is my Threadit data stored? 

Threadits are stored on the Threadit platform itself. This storage is currently free, but we plan to add a paid tiers with storage limits in the future. Threadit storage is separate from Google Drive and does not count towards storage limits that may exist for Google Workspace customers.

Where can I access Threadit?

You can access Threadit directly on a web browser at, but the experience works best if you also download our Chrome extension. With the chrome extension, you can record yourself and anything on your screen at any time. Threadit is also available on mobile so you can record yourself and watch Threadits on the go. Mobile screen recording is coming soon.

Threadit can be used anywhere in the world except the EU (but the UK is allowed), China, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea. Stay tuned for per-country expansion.

Who can I share my Threadit with? Do they need to have any pre-installed App?

No download necessary, anyone can access Threadit directly at After you record your message, copy the link to share with anyone you want, wherever you want. If you set the sharing permissions to make your Threadit only available to individuals or users on your corporate domain, then users will be prompted to create an account before they can view your video.

Where is Threadit currently available?

Threadit can be used anywhere in the world except the EU (but the UK is allowed), China, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea. Stay tuned for per-country expansion.

Can I use Threadit in my university or school?

Yes, Threadit can be used in a university or higher education setting. If you see an ‘under review’ message, please contact us here and let us know that you work in University or higher education. You must be over 13 years old to use Threadit or the age of consent in your jurisdiction. Age of consent information can be found here. If you would like to utilize Threadit for staff only, please register here.

Can I use Threadit for Official/Work purposes?

You can try Threadit for yourself by signing up and creating  an account here. If you need guidance around scaling adoption within your business OR if your company requires a full IT admin rollout, we can help. Please submit a partnership inquiry and we’ll be in touch.

Why do I see an "in review" screen for my organization?

If you see a screen saying “Your organization is in review”, that means we want to work with your IT department prior to your organization using Threadit. Please complete the form you see in signup to let us know you’re interested.

No need to wait though! You can still try Threadit with a personal account for non-work use cases.

Getting started with Threadit

How do I create an account?

Go to and follow these steps:

  1. Click “sign up” from the Threadit  homepage or login page. 
  2. If your company uses Google or Microsoft login, click to sign in with either Google or Microsoft and enter your credentials.  If your company does not use Google or Microsoft login, you will need to create a Google or Microsoft account. You can do this using an existing email address. See below for additional instructions.

  3. Review Trusted Tester terms and click sign up to complete the process Create your first Threadit!

How do I create a new Google or Microsoft account to login to Threadit?

It's easy to make a new Microsoft or Google account with any existing email address. Check out the videos tutorials below!

Steps to create a Microsoft account.

Steps to create a Google account.

How do I download the chrome extension?

You can download the chrome extension directly from the chrome web store. If you’ve created an account, you can also download directly from the link in the product. 

  1. Go to the chrome store and click and "add to chrome"
  2. Confirm that you want to add the extension
  3. To pin Threadit to your bookmarks bar, click on the puzzle piece in the right hand corner of your browser and then click the push pin icon next to the Threadit logo. Pinning Theadit will make it easy to start recording anything on your screen by simply clicking the Threadit logo!

How do I check my audio / video settings before I record?

  1. Audio: confirm that the microphone you intend to use is selected in Threadit via the Settings gear icon. Then, confirm that your selected microphone is working via your operating system preferences.
  2. Video: confirm that the recording device you intend to use is selected in Threadit via the Settings gear icon.

Why can’t I create an account or login with Google from an incognito window?

In Incognito mode, please click on the eye icon on the top right corner of the browser address bar and click “Allow Cookies”. Refresh the page again and you should be able to login with Google.

Recording and Sharing

Recording Issues

Why can't I see my camera when I try to record?

Click the settings gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the recording screen and select your default camera setting. Other software camera applications like filters are not compatible with Threadit.

Why can't I hear my recording? What do I do if my microphone isn't working?

If your microphone isn’t working or you can’t hear your recording, please try completely closing your browser and reopening Threadit to see if that resolves the issue. In the Threadit recording screen, make sure you selected the default microphone device. 

Why can't I share my screen when I try to record? 

You may need to enable screen sharing in your operating system preferences. If you’re not able to present your screen, you should give your browser access to record your screen. On an Apple® Mac® computer using macOS® Catalina® version 10.15 or later, let Firefox® or the Chrome browser access your computer’s screen recording:

  1. Go to System preferences and click Security & Privacy.
  2. Click Privacy
  3. On the left, click Screen Recording
  4. On the right, check the Google Chrome or Firebox box

Why can't I screen share on my phone? 

You can record and watch Threadit videos on your iOS and Android mobile devices, but Threadit doesn’t yet support screen sharing on mobile.

Why can't I login on my mobile device? 

If you’re using Chrome in iOS, please go to iOS Setting app, click on “Chrome” and then enable the setting to “Allow Cross-Website Tracking”. This should resolve the issue.

 If you are using Safari on iOS, please follow similar steps and enable  “Allow Cross-Website Tracking” tracking on the Safari app settings.

Is there a recording limit?

We currently have a 70 minute limit for recordings, but in general, we encourage shorter videos to increase engagement and viewership.

How can I re-record my message?

In the recording interface, you will see a circular arrows icon. Click on this button to re-record your message.

I'm seeing something unexpected from my camera (e.g. colored bars). What do I do?

First step is to try restarting your browser. If you see in the settings gear an “unknown device”, see the answer to that question below.

Why do I see "unknown device" in my camera list?

First step is to try restarting your browser. 

Second, this can sometimes happen when you have installed software on your device that adds a software based camera (for example, for filters). If restarting your browser doesn’t resolve the issue you may have to uninstall the software based camera.

Why can't I find a message that I recorded?

  1. Make sure you wait for the message upload to finish before closing the recording window.
  2. Wait a few seconds and go back to your Threadit home page and refresh.
  3. If you don’t see your message, please submit a support ticket and make sure you copy the link of the thread you are replying to (applicable only if not a new thread).

Why are my video and audio out of sync?

Typically if your audio and video appear to be out of sync in the review screen, it will resolve after you have shared your Threadit. If this issue is still present in the player interface, please try again or submit a support ticket if the issue persists.

Sharing Issues

My intended recipient didn't get my Threadit message. What happened? 

If you share your Threadit message with individual email(s), your recipient(s) should receive an automated notification within a few minutes. Be sure to check all folders including updates, promotions, social, etc. Also, double check that the desired email addresses have been added correctly and are visible in the sharing module under individuals. If the notification email does not turn up within a few hours, please submit a support request

How can I share with many people in my company at once? 

The easiest way to share with multiple people within your company at once is to select the domain level link sharing (e.g. option in the share settings, then copy the link and share with the intended recipients via your preferred communication channel. 

If your work is sensitive, we recommend that you share directly with your intended recipients by adding individual email addresses in the share settings and sending via Threadit. Valid emails must be entered one at a time.

Can I send a message to an email group or alias?

You can add an email group to a Threadit message, and it will send the Threadit email notification to the group. However, it will not grant the group access to the Threadit. You will need to either share with individuals in the group or select organization or public sharing. A best practice is to share with the organization but only send your Threadit to an email group within the organization.

How does public link sharing work? 

When you select “public link” in the Threadit share settings, you can copy and share that link in any communication channel or platform, including email, chat, Slack, docs, etc. Please note that with the public sharing option, anyone who has the link will be able to see the message without logging in to Threadit.  

Settings & Features

What is clips and how does it work?

Clips is a new recording feature that lets you record short structured videos and effortlessly switch between recording options. These video clips are automatically stitched together to create one seamless message. To use clips, select a template under “create a Threadit”. With clips, you have the option to define clip titles in advance and then record or record first and then add clip titles afterward. To create your own custom clips or bypass clips altogether, select the first template option (blank) and start recording.

How do I play a message?

From the main dashboard, click on a Threadit message and then click play on a specific video within your Threadit to play OR let Threadit auto-play through the messages in order of receipt. From email, just click the play link in the email header or on the thumbnail image. If you have a public link, just click to go immediately to the player without logging in. 

Where can I see who has viewed my message? 

In the player interface, you will see an “eye” icon. Click the eye icon to see who has viewed your message. 

Can I download my Threadit videos?

Yes you can! In the player interface, click on the 3 dot menu in the right hand corner where you will see the download feature. At this time, only owners can download the video message they create. Viewers will not see this download option, even if they have "reply" access to the Threadit.

Can I upload videos to my Threadit account?

This feature is not currently available. 

How does Threadit integrate with Gmail?

Threadit integrates with gmail via the Chrome extension plugin. Install the Chrome extension from the web store, and then go to your Gmail home page. When composing a new email or replying to an existing one, you will see the Threadit icon added to the composer toolbox. Click on Threadit to initiate recording, and then save to embed your Threadit with an animated thumbnail directly into your email message.

Does Threadit have a chat/messaging integration?

You can drop a Threadit link into any chat room or channel you want. We are also working on a Slack integration coming soon!

How does Threadit integrate with existing products? 

Threadit works best when you use the Chrome extension. With the extension it’s simple to initiate a Threadit with any existing product. In addition, the extension will add an integration with Gmail. You will be able to start a Threadit directly from the Gmail compose window.

Threadit will be adding integrations with chat (e.g. Slack) and other applications soon. To request a specific integration please submit a request via our feedback form. Select “Feature request or suggestion > Integration”.

Does Threadit have an Open API that I can use?

Not at the moment.

Partnering with Threadit

How can my company use Threadit?

You can try Threadit for yourself by signing up and creating  an account here. If you need guidance around scaling adoption within your business OR if your company requires a full IT admin rollout, we can help. Please submit a partnerships inquiry and we'll be in touch.

Do I have to pay to use Threadit?

No, Threadit is currently free for everyone who wants to use it. In the future, we plan to have a paid business tier for enterprises who need more advanced features to support their teams.

Threadit will always have a free tier for anyone who wants to use it.


Can't find what you're looking for and still need help? 

Can't find what you're looking for and still need help?  Submit a support request here.